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How to find a job in Azerbaijan?

How to find a job in Azerbaijan?

Paylaşılıb : 14.07.2020

 Azerbaijan economy is getting more power. For that reason, economic development is key factor in job environment. Some of Azerbaijani businesses try to get more investment for R&D.

Therefore, there are a specific tendency that companies are looking for professional applicants. Especially, some of International Corporations (both of foreigners and local businesses) are seeking for gold color workers. If your proficiency is acceptable, you can get easily a job in Azerbaijan.

 Salary may not meet your expectations because of local minimum wage. However, some international corporations will pay more money for your job. 

In a nutshell, you can check different local websites and of course, international corporations’ websites to look different jobs for you. Be careful about your language skills. Most of Azerbaijanis do not know English but still there is a compassion for Russian. However, young generation can speak in English.